NAVSUP FLC Bahrain Is First to Receive JAG Training


NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (GLS) staff judge advocate general (JAG) visited NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Bahrain to provide legal training May 9.

NAVSUP FLC Bahrain is the first fleet logistics center to receive such training during an official JAG visit.

During the visit, JAG Corps Cmdr. Angela Mullins established lines of communication with command leadership, the JAG, and Department of the Navy, Office of the General Counsel (OGC)community in Bahrain.

“My visit to FLC Bahrain was extremely valuable. The opportunity to meet with command leadership, OGC counsel and local JAGs helped me understand legal issues unique to Bahrain, while at the same time allowed me to explain my role as SJA [Staff Judge Advocate] at NAVSUP GLS,” said Mullins.

JAG Corps Cmdr. Angela Mullins establishes lines of communication with command leadership, the JAG, and Department of the Navy, OGC community in Bahrain.


While facilitating training, Mullins explained the various legal services offered to military members and their families. She highlighted the importance of every service member having a will on file, and attested to the significant advantages of having a power of attorney while stationed and living overseas.

“Cmdr. Mullins’ visit was a tremendous help to NAVSUP FLC Bahrain, the legal staff, and other commands. Her training included topics that are not well known regarding the JAG and courts martial systems,” said Lt. Matthew Stymfal, NAVSUP FLC Bahrain legal officer.

“It is training that is important, but not often given,” said Stymfal.

The interactive all hands training gave Sailors information on the amendments to the U.S. Navy regulations, equal opportunity, ethics, and the United States Code of Military Justice.

Sailors were able to ask questions for clarifications on regulations and policies. Discussing issues with service members during the training helped bring new ideas for expanding existing regulations.

“The Department of the Navy Office of General Counsel and the Navy JAG Corps work closely together as one legal team to support the Navy across the globe. I look forward to working with Cmdr. Mullins to provide a full range of legal support to NAVSUP FLC Bahrain,” said Eli Corin, acting counsel, NAVSUP FLC Bahrain.

September/October 2017