FY18 Supply Corps Reserve Component Commander Selections

Congratulations to the following Reserve Supply Corps officers who have been selected for promotion to the rank of Commander.

Max A. Becker
John K. Bergeron
Matthew B. Daniels
Justin B. Doster
Daniel B. Griffin
Michael J. Griffith
Edward S. Horner
Brendan A. Kearney
Nina A. Lampron
Emma D. Mathis
Marshall L. Metli
Nicholas I. Miller
Sherman R. Mills
Eric S. Musial
Ronnie J. Oates II
Eric J. Palmer
Matthew A. Perkins
Daniel T. Proulx
Rueben Quezada
Eric C. Schuck
Michael S. Spillman
Brian H. Tahlier
Larry E. Tellinghuisen
Charles C. Thompson
Sherie N. Williams

Full Time Support (FTS)
Juan D. Cabral
Paul D. Moss

July/August 2017