FY18 Supply Corps Captain Selections

Congratulations to the following Supply Corps officers who have been selected for promotion to the rank of Captain.

Babak A. Barakat
Roger L. Billings
Timothy A. Brown
George W. Clark III
Stuart M. Day
Roy M. Garrison
Tony V. Giles
Timothy R. Griffin
Troy M. Gronberg
Michael N. Jefferson
Blake W. Kent
Danny W. King
Jason E. Klingenberg
Bruce Kong
Scott D. Logan
Manuel X. Lugo
Christian M. Mahler
Robert S. Mazzarella
Michael C. McCormack
Joshua H. McKay
Jacqueline M. Meyer
Edward D. Pidgeon
Wade W. Rindy
Nicholas R. Russo
Kenneth W. Ryker III
Kadiatou F. Sidibe
James H. Strauss
Shane P. Strohl
Christopher A. Waldron
Richard H. Wilhelm
Stephen M. Wilson

July/August 2017