FY18 Active Duty LDO/CWO Selection Board Results

Congratulations to the following Supply senior enlisted personnel who have been selected for Limited Duty Officer and Chief Warrant Officer via the In-service Procurement Board.

Supply Corps LDO – 651X

LS1(SW/IW) Godwin Apostol
LSCS(SS/AW) Brian Boyd
LSC(SW/AW) Richard Brown
LS1(AW/SW) Paul Grissom
LS1(SW/AW) Brandon Healy
LSC(SW/AW) Melissa Howard
CSC(SW/AW) Bernardo Tinoco
SH1(SW) Maria Torresguevara

Food Service Warrant – 7521

CSC(SW/AW) Byrone Alvesbautista
CSC(SW/AW) Ronny Barrio
CSCS(SW/AW) Wayne Browne
CSC(SW/AW) Nicole Campbell
CSCS(SW/AW) Blake Franklin
CSC(SS) Arthur J. Johnson Jr.
CSC(SW/AW) William Kanack

May/June 2017