CY18 Training With Industry Selections

The officers selected for the CY18 Training With Industry (TWI) Program have been announced. TWI is a 12-month program providing Supply Corps lieutenants and lieutenant commanders with the opportunity to represent the United States Navy while serving in fellowships with some of the nation’s top corporations. Officers selected for this program will be exposed to executive-level decision-making at Fortune 500 Companies and will expand their professional supply and logistics education.

This year’s selectees are:

Starbucks Coffee Company 
Lt. Cmdr. (sel) Michael P. Dausen

The Home Depot
Lt. Cmdr. Marcus E. Thomas

Lt. Cmdr. Scott M. McCarthy

Lt. Cmdr. Britta W. Christianson

Qualified Insufficient Opportunity  (QIO) selectees are:
Lt. Cmdr. Joseph R. Bossi
Lt. Cmdr. (sel) Jose A. Galvao

Upon completion of their respective fellowships, each selectee will serve a three-year follow-on tour in one of our key supply chain management assignments and utilize the skills and ideas attained from their experiences.

May/June 2017