New Navy Postal Directory System to Improve Mail Service for Sailors


RedMailboxPersonnel from Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk visited USS George Washington (CVN 73) Feb. 9 in part of its current effort to assist area mail facilities with the installation and implementation of a new system to process transferring Sailors’ mail quickly.

According to the Regional Navy Mail Center (RNMC) Division Director Jeffrey Gibbs, the Navy Postal Directory System (NPDS) will be on line for all ships as of March 1 and all shore based facilities and mail rooms by March 31.

He says NPDS is a Microsoft Access program that automates the mail processing and record keeping for a command. It stores individual personal address data for current personnel assigned
to a command and also stores new data for personnel when they transfer so that mail received by the command may be readdressed and forwarded.

NPDS also prepares and prints address labels for readdressing mail and automatically purges files for transferred personnel.

Gibbs explained that with the old program a command had to be able to receive an Authority to Operate (ATO) to be used on ship and shore computer systems. When unable to obtain an ATO for the old system, the command would have to manually keep the data in a card filing system. New addresses would then have to be manually placed on a mail piece for forwarding.

“This will simplify mail redirect services for all Navy commands, which depending on size of command can be a significant manpower savings in time taken to process redirect mail,” he added.

Gibbs added that training is a major portion of the support from the mail center.

“The RNMC team has prepared step by step processes for use by all fleet and shore commands for implementation of the new NPDS program,” he said. “RNMC provides hands on training and guidance with actual ship and shore command visits, along with training sessions in the RNMC Classroom on the NPDS program for all supported customers.”

May/June 2016