NAVSUP Helps Navy Promote Healthy Food Choices Through Go For Green®


G4G Logos 070615_Main logo (2)Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) is working to educate Sailors on the Go for Green® (G4G) program, which helps Sailors know what choices to make in the galley line to stay fit and healthy. G4G is a food identification system designed to help service members identify healthy food and beverage choices while dining in military galleys. The color codes-Green (Eat Often), Yellow (Eat Occasionally), and Red (Eat Rarely), along with a salt shaker graphic to measure sodium content, help service members choose foods and beverages that boost their performance, readiness, and health.

“This program will provide Sailors worldwide with accurate nutrition information that will help them make healthy choices,” said NAVSUP Dietician Jen Person-Whippo who is tasked with educating the Navy on the G4G’s green, yellow, red system.

“Ultimately, G4G will allow Sailors to choose healthy options at each meal as part of their broader fitness goals,” Person-Whippo added.

A NAVSUP G4G pilot education program took place late January in Norfolk, Virginia, educating the NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Centers Navy Food Management Teams, which will play an important part in educating Culinary Specialists who work the galleys both ashore and afloat on the food labeling system. The first step in implementing G4G across the Fleet is training galley personnel.Shopping basket fruit and vegetables isolated on white

NAVSUP, in partnership with Combat Feeding Directorate at Natick Labs, and Uniform Services University, prepared eight training modules that will be used across the Navy to train galley personnel on the proper use of G4G when preparing and labeling food items served to Sailors.

NAVSUP’s Dietitian is also collaborating with other agencies to train Bureau of Medicine Dietitians, Morale Welfare and Recreation Command Fitness Leaders, and Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center Health Promotion Directors.

“NAVSUP is driving toward innovative solutions to the Navy Food Service experience by ensuring our customers receive healthy meals with diverse menu options,” said NAVSUP Navy Food Service Director Cmdr. Bert Hornyak. “In concert with the Fleet and Commander Navy Installation Command, we are leveraging technology, standardized equipment, and a variety of delivery options to revamp and modernize afloat, pier-side, and shore feeding to satisfy customer expectations. We are also maintaining viable experiences and training to nurture and challenge our Culinary Specialists throughout their careers.”

March/April 2016