NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Enlisted Serve the Less Fortunate


FLC Jacksonville Serve Less Fortunate

NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville Enlisted Serve the Less Fortunate. Top row: SHSA Maleah Sackett, LS2 Brittney Walker, LS1 Larry Stephens, LS2 Kathryn Davis, SSG Christopher Stitcher, LS2 Trelaina Browning with her kids Tre’soir and Eric. Bottom: MM1 Marciano Pere z and ABF2 Mark Ignacio.

Giving back to the local community, a group of enlisted personnel stationed at Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Jacksonville spent their day volunteering at the Clara White Mission.

Former slave Clara White began feeding hungry people from her Jacksonville home in the 1880’s. Her daughter, Dr. Eartha White, continued her mother’s generosity, founding the Clara White Mission, a social agency that continued to serve hot meals to the homeless seven days a week. In addition to the traditional assistance of food and shelter, the Clara White Mission also has a Veterans Center and Veterans Affairs Office. This mission is completely non-profit; supported by donations and volunteers.

Recently, NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville volunteers helped serve more than 400 people at the mission, including many homeless veterans. After the meal, the volunteers toured the Clara White Museum and on-site Veterans Center.

In addition to learning about the mission’s history and how to assist others, the volunteers had an up-close view of the transitional housing available to the homeless. The housing is available for up to 24 months while residents work on getting back on their feet. Because homeless veterans have priority in occupying the housing, many volunteers said this opportunity was especially meaningful.

Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Trelaina Browning brought her two children to volunteer, and said that it was an experience she wanted to share.

“I want my children to know how important it is to help others less fortunate, because at the drop of a dime, anyone could be in that situation,” she said. “I want them to remain humble.”

Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Kathryn Davis coordinated the volunteer event, and agreed that visiting the mission was a very informative opportunity.

“It was truly a rewarding experience and we learned so many things that none of us had any clue about,” she added. “I really enjoyed doing this. I plan on continuing to do this on my days off regularly.”

July/August 2015