New Navy Standardized FPO Mail Address Format

Navy Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses for ships, mobile units, and ashore FPOs are being converted to an address format compatible withLetters in an open mailbox the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) address system, according to a Nov. 18 NAVADMIN message.

The new address format is effective immediately for mobile units and ashore FPOs.

“The new standardized addresses use a format similar to the way residential mail is addressed across the U.S.,” said Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Navy Postal Director Gabe Telles. “Standardization will improve service by reducing transit time, which is good news for Sailors.”

The new format for ships and mobile units is as follows:

Line 1: Name

            Line 2: Ship or Mobile Unit name

            Line 3: Ship or Mobile Unit number, box number

            Line 4: FPO (AP, AE, AA) ZIP code (5 digits only)

The new format for ashore FPOs now includes a Postal Service Center (PSC) number and box number along with a 5-digit ZIP code in the address as follows:

            Line 1: Name

            Line 2: PSC number, box number

            Line 3: FPO (AP, AE, AA) ZIP code (5 digits only)

“Sailors will notice immediately that only a 5-digit ZIP code is necessary,” Telles said. “This and the new standardized format will be easier for everyone, including businesses, family, and friends sending mail to FPOs.”

Another benefit of the standardization is postal patrons’ ability to use the USPS Internet change-of-address process at when rotating to/from new assignments that use FPO addresses. Sailors can find more information at their local FPO or at

By Debbie Dortch; NAVSUP Office of Corporate Communications