NAVSUP GLS Reservists Maximize Value Delivered to the Warfighter

Implement Reserve Optimization Strategy in Support of Navy Reserve Strategic Initiatives

NNAVSUP Global Logistics Support has reassessed the roles of its Reserve Component (RC) members and implemented two significant projects which maximize the value that they deliver to the NAVSUP GLS enterprise resulting in Reservists having greater opportunities to receive hands-on training and to provide direct support to vital NAVSUP GLS operations in the past year.20140710_110039

“With the dynamic changes that have taken place over the last 12 months, there has never been a better time to be a Reservist in the NAVSUP GLS enterprise,” said Capt. Patrick Hayden, commanding officer of the NAVSUP GLS reserve headquarters unit when addressing the officers and enlisted members in his command. And it is true.

One of these projects is the recently-completed realignment of 80 NAVSUP GLS RC fuels billets from Fleet Logistics Center units and fuels detachment units held by NAVSUP Reservists spread across 26 different states and Puerto Rico, to four CONUS fueling sites which actively employ Aviation Boatswain Mate Fuels (ABF) personnel to perform Alongside Aircraft Refueling (AAR), a key mission which NAVSUP GLS is tasked to perform.

Prior to the realignment, only 10 percent of NAVSUP GLS Reserve personnel assigned to fuels billets performed monthly drills at locations that were capable of offering AAR training. Now, however, as a result of the realignment, 100 percent of these personnel are assigned to locations which perform AAR activities; 38 at Naval Air Station Oceana, 18 at Naval Station Mayport, 17 at Naval Air Station Lemoore and 7 at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans.

The realignment provides these Reservists with the ability to receive hands-on fuels training during their regular drill periods, a tremendous improvement from years past in which this training could only be accomplished during Annual Training periods at overseas locations. Along with this billet realignment, NAVSUP GLS also implemented a new fuels qualification program using the Aviation Ashore Personnel Qualification Standard-Naval Education and Training Command 43288 series to certify its Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Fuels (ABF) personnel to perform the AAR mission. As a result, 27 ABF personnel are slated to perform 448 man-days of operational AAR support during fiscal year 2015 while the remaining 53 will attend “A” or “C” schools, or engage in hands-on training at their assigned fueling sites. These NAVSUP GLS ABF Reservists will be capable of providing 1,120 man-days of operational support annually once all personnel are fully trained.

The second project involved a comprehensive review of the operational support provided by NAVSUP GLS Logistics Specialist RC Sailors at the eight NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Centers (FLC) worldwide. It was determined that, in addition to the varied and complex logistics support services performed by Active Component Sailors and civilian personnel at these NAVSUP FLCs, RC Sailors could significantly enhance mission effectiveness by providing supplemental on-site support in the Postal, Household Goods, and Hazardous Material Control and Management disciplines, in addition to the warehousing and other logistics support they were already providing. As a result, a comprehensive Reserve Logistics Representative (RLR) qualification program has been developed at the Apprentice, Journeyman and Master levels which incorporates the Logistics Support Representative (LSR) qualifications required for AC and civilian personnel, along with additional Postal, Household Goods and Hazardous Material qualifications. In fiscal year 2015, these Logistics Specialists will provide 6,500 man-days of operational support to NAVSUP GLS customers globally.

Together, these two initiatives permit NAVSUP GLS to employ its reserve ABF and Logistics Specialist Sailors more efficiently and in greater numbers. The planning for these projects was initiated in early fiscal year 2014 by Rear Adm. James McNeal, Commander, NAVSUP GLS, as an effort to enhance the operational support provided by RC personnel. This initiative is in direct support of Navy Reserve Strategic Plan 2014 Initiative and further reinforced in the NAVSUP GLS 2014 Commander’s Guidance.

Throughout fiscal year 2014, NAVSUP GLS made great efforts to reevaluate the roles for its RC personnel and undertook significant efforts to realign its billet structure. As a result, NAVSUP GLS has greatly improved its ability to meet the demands and expectations of its customers for the foreseeable future in direct support of the NAVSUP GLS mission.

By Cmdr. Gary Polston, Officer in Charge, NAVSUP GLS Fuels Det A, Naval Air Station Oceana, and Lt. Cmdr. (Sel) David Cliff, NAVSUP GLS Fuels Det D, Naval Air Station Lemoore