The NAVSUP Reserve and Their Contributions

 The Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) comprises 11 percent of the Enlisted Supply ratings and 15 percent of the Navy Supply Corps Officer Reserve Component (RC) billets.  These RC Sailors fully integrate with the Active Duty Component (AC) to optimize Fleet support across the range of military operations to support NAVSUP’s mission to deliver sustained global logistics and quality-of-life support to the Navy and Joint Warfighter.

 NAVSUP’s 25,000 military and civilian logistics professionals provide worldwide joint logistics for all warfare enterprises including NAVSUP Weapons Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS), NAVSUP Business Systems Center (BSC), Navy Exchange Systems Command (NEXCOM), NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (GLS) and NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Centers (FLC).

 NAVSUP’s RC is comprised of 562 reservists attached to 26 Navy units.  Two Headquarters units under the command of Rear Adm. Jonathan Yuen, Commander and Chief of Supply Corps, are located in Mechanicsburg, Pa.  NAVSUP GLS has 24 units under the command of Rear Adm. Vincent Griffith and are led by his Deputy Commander, Rear Adm. James McNeal.  These units support the eight active duty NAVSUP FLCs. 

 “Our Reserve Component Sailors provide depth and enable NAVSUP GLS to fully support and sustain the warfighter in a responsive, agile, resilient and efficient manner,” Rear Adm. McNeal explained.  “Our SELRES are fully integrated into the NAVSUP Enterprise and are a beacon of Active/Reserve/Civilian integration.”

Reserve component supporting JCRX include CAPT Michael Fugate (NAVSUP HQ), CDR Rob Carroll (GLS HQ), LT Randy Johnston (FLC Norfolk), LT Danielle MacAdams (FLCSI-B), LT Lucas Schaible (FLC Puget Sound) and LTJG Jimmy Toala (FLC Norfolk).

 In fiscal year 2013, the Navy Reserve NAVSUP teams provided more than 10,100 full-time equivalent days of support to nearly 150 activities globally.  These reservists are positioned and ready to fill today’s assignments and meet tomorrow’s challenges with determination and success. 

 Reduction of Navy Working Capital Fund Excess Inventory

 The implementation of Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has positioned the Fleet with the supply system that will serve our Navy for years to come.  This highly effective integrated system successfully incorporates existing legacy systems in key operational areas of supply chain management, procurement, contracting and finance.  Reservists found another opportunity to support the Fleet by reducing inventory values that had risen during the transition period to the new ERP system.  Waves of reservists, engaged with Full Time Support (FTS) and AC Sailors, implemented a strategy and four waves of Reservists arrived at Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island to help reduce $780 million in excess that had been identified at 21 Naval Air Stations around the world. 

 The RC was able to expand its depth of knowledge in the ERP domain enabling them to be of further support to the needs of the fleet going forward. 

 “A lot of the Sailors have minimal experience in Supply as they drill out of a remote Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSC).  They are attached to NAVSUP FLC units but rarely get the opportunity to get hands on experience within their rating,” said Lt. Danielle MacAdams, Officer in Charge.  “Members gained an invaluable experience as well as hands-on application of the knowledge, tools, and techniques gained working with ERP at a NAVSUP FLC.”

 So what are leaders in our warehouses saying about Reserve personnel?  “I have nothing but great things to say about the Reservists who have come here,” emphasized Terry Flannery, Warehouse 661 Supervisor for this event.  “They bring unique qualities as they are from the civilian workforce and bring additional maturity and work experience.  I could not be more pleased to have them here.”

 Acquisition and Contract Management

 Reservists serving at NAVSUP coordinate their missions to support acquisition requirements in direct collaboration with the Director of Acquisitions Career Management (DACM).  Together the RC contracting officers are fully qualified in several aspects of the acquisitions career path.  NAVSUP Acquisition Community Managers provide oversight and policy continuity to officers in certified acquisition billets across five separate Navy claimancies.  Community Managers also work closely with PERS 4412 on recruiting, accessing, and assigning qualified personnel to acquisition billets and regularly conduct liaison with the Naval Acquisition Career Center on behalf of Supply Corps Reservists.

The reserve component supporting PPMAP Yokosuka with LT Dave Cliff (GLS HQ), CDR Rob Carroll (GLS HQ), LCDR Roger Dube (FLC Jax).

 Reservists integrate with the NAVSUP GLS activities and NAVSUP FLCs to support its Navy and Department of Defense (DoD) customers.  There are 49 Reserve acquisition contracting billets within the NAVSUP GLS Enterprise supporting NAVSUP FLCs during exercises, procurement audits, and executing the day to day contracting for $10.2 billion of active contracts across the NAVSUP GLS enterprise.

 Reservists have been active in supporting the NAVSUP GLS Procurement Performance Management Assessment Program (PPMAP).  During Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, Reservists supported PPMAP assist visits at NAVSUP FLCs Yokosuka and Puget Sound.  A PPMAP review inspects all contracting and procurement operations at least once every three years, and this was accomplished greatly due to Reservists actions to conduct the bulk of the employee, customer and COR interviews, lead the daily operations battle rhythm and generate final reports to the assessed commands.  Photograph one shows the NAVSUP GLS PPMAP team reviewing contracts awarded by NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka and their operation in Sasebo, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines and all areas in the Western Pacific.  The FY-13 reviews were conducted in a “virtual” mode from San Diego, and proved to be both efficient and cost effective. 

 Exercise Support

 NAVSUP GLS Reservists continually support a wide range of exercises every year including Pacific Partnership, Ulchi Freedom Guardian, Valiant Shield, Continuing Promise and Cobra Gold.  The NAVSUP Reserve component was instrumental in support of the Rim of the Pacific 2012 Joint Exercise (RIMPAC).  During a period of 54 days, 28 NAVSUP GLS Reservists provided 395 days of support which included participation from airman, Sailors, Marines, and soldiers from 22 nations.  RIMPAC enabled NAVSUP GLS Sailors to develop its professional experience and their contributions demonstrated their commitment to align with the Fleet.  Specific accomplishments included …

 * Providing 29.5 million gallons of fuel (F75/JP5/JP8)

* Onloading/offloading 2,212 pallets of material

* Receiving, sorting, and delivering 41,976 pounds of mail

* Processing 754 depot level repairable parts

* Expediting 496 multi-national CASREPs/critical repair parts

* Ordering $4.02 million in provisions

* Supporting 26 Carrier Onboard Delivery missions and 110 helicopter missions

 “Without logistics support, all the warships in the Navy would not be able to execute their mission,” emphasized Vice Adm. Beaman, former Commander of 3rd Fleet.  “The outstanding contributions of the Reserve component not only in support of RIMPAC but in all of its missions, once again demonstrates NAVSUP’s commitment to the total force.  AC and RC personnel working side-by-side is truly a winning team!”

 The Premier DoD Joint Contracting Readiness Exercise (JCRX) was held at Fort Bliss, Texas, earlier this year.  It is considered the premier setting for the development of contracting professionals.  Participants at JCRX enhance their contracting capabilities and selected warrior tasks in preparation for world wide deployment in support of contingency operations.  Joint Contracting Readiness Exercise (JCRX)-13 included 343 personnel from all services as well as the DoD.  Particular emphasis was placed on aligning and synchronizing contract spending with Commander’s operational effects in order to better understand the Operational Contract Support (OCS) mission and to further operationalize the capability into the Joint force.

 Fleet Support

 Reservists from the NAVSUP Enterprise can be found around the globe.  In addition to the contributory support RC sailors offer on drill weekends and their two-week annual training (AT), they often answer the call to duty for extended tours.  NAVSUP Reservists can be found throughout the Fleet in warehouses, in support of husbanding services, as HAZMAT specialists, in Household Goods Offices and conducting postal support at Embassies and Fleet Postal Support activities.  There are currently 22 NAVSUP Reservists mobilized to active duty across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bahrain, Djibouti, Dubai, Kuwait, Norfolk, and Pakistan.  Others have accepted tours on ADT or ADSW orders, ranging from 30 to 365 days.

 Capt. Michael Curran was hand selected in March 2013 by both Rear Adm. Mark Heinrich and Reserve Flag, Rear Adm. Allie Coetzee, to lead the Contingency Contracting Office (CCO) at Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA).  The CCO in Djibouti is the only wartime deployed contracting office in the Navy and is responsible for providing monthly contracts awards ranging from $400 thousand to $1 million.

 During annual training with FLC Bahrain, LS1 Denetress Jackson, an accountant in civilian practice, has traveled to Bahrain, Naples, Souda Bay, and Sigonella.  Her assignments include Postal Fleet Mail Center, Logistics Support Center, Household Goods, and Port Operations.  “I enjoy serving as a member of the Navy Reserve and having the opportunity to see the world, work with diverse people, places, and assignments,” she said.

 In February 2013, Cmdr. Michael Gomes joined NAVSUP’S N3/4 Supply Operations and Logistics Policy branch.  His expertise in logistics, finance and system disciplines was well suited to join the NAVSUP civilian and military team tasked to implement an audit readiness compliance program for its Navy Working Capital Inventory valued at more than $30 billion.  “Having been associated with several facets of our Navy from expeditionary, staff and joint commands, it is an honor to be called to serve at the heart of where the Navy conducts its business and most especially to be associated with the finest group of professionals an organization can assemble,” Cmdr. Gomes said.


 NAVSUP engages in multiple levels of support to the Fleet, delivering sustained global logistics and quality-of-life support to the Navy and Joint Warfighter.  Whether providing direct material support to the waterfront or to combat units ashore, NAVSUP’s Navy Reserve logistics professionals consistently and continually provide ready, resourceful and responsive logistics.


 By Lt. Cmdr. Michael Mihaly

Lt. Cmdr. Jeffery Mayor

Lt. Benjamin Chen