NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support…Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Commander’s Award


Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Weapon Systems Support (WSS) employees, among other members of the Program Management Activity (PMA)-265’s Air Vehicle Systems Flight Controls Integrated Product Team (IPT), are the winners of the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Commander’s Award.

 Through its teamwork and dedication, the PMA-265 Air Vehicle Systems Flight Controls IPT successfully stood up non-existent repair capability within the Navy, and increased repair capability of contracted commercial sources.

 The NAWCAD Commander’s Award recognizes individuals or teams who have made outstanding technical, business, or leadership achievements in a problem area, or a breakthrough that enables mission accomplishment.

 “The alignment, innovation, and collaboration among the team members drove a positive solution to a fleet readiness problem,” said Cmdr. Matthew Ott, NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia Aviation operations director.  “This kind of repair capability for critical F/A-18 flight control surfaces is unprecedented.”

 “As a result of their efforts, the availability of F/A-18 flight control surfaces to the Fleet dramatically increased and average asset repair turn-around time was reduced by more than 50 days,” Cmdr. Ott continued.  “The award is well-deserved.”

 NAVSUP WSS employees who contributed to the team’s success include Stephen McFadden, Lt. Cmdr. James Trout, and Keith Shumaker (Boeing).  Team leaders formally accepted the award in December.

 By Sarah Glinski

NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Corporate Communications