NAVSUP Business Systems Center…. The Business Enterprise Management Internship Experience


 When I joined the Supply Corps, my dream was to achieve an education in Information Systems Program Management. 

 Few programs in the Supply Corps really offered what I was looking for until the Business Enterprise Management (BEM) Internship program was created. 

Lt. Richard Tisdale  NAVSUP BSC BEM Intern

Lt. Richard Tisdale

 My fellow interns and I have received frontline exposure with the development of the pilot program here at NAVSUP Business Systems Center (BSC).  The BEM Internship Program at NAVSUP BSC offers a new and exciting opportunity for invaluable Information Technology experience as the Supply Corps invests more and more into Junior Officers with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) backgrounds.

 Here are some benefits of the BEM internship I have experienced …

 *  Cutting Edge Education.  The Penn State University’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with SAP certification offers an interactive and intuitive curriculum.  This certification program allows me to understand the Navy’s ERP system, as well as how the private sector uses their systems. 

 *  SME Exposure.  Have you ever wondered how Food Service Management (FSM3) and soon to be deployed Retail Operations Management (ROM3) applications were created?  I am able to see how legacy systems are upgraded with modern technology.    NAVSUP BSC is comprised of mostly civilian employees with a small officer cadre.  So not only do we learn from them, but they learn from us as we bring our Fleet Experience to use for them.   I can’t say in words what an awesome privilege it is to work alongside NAVSUP Business Systems Center employees! 

 *  Shaping the IT Supply Corps.  My fellow BEM interns and I on this “beta” tour aren’t just participating, but shaping and molding this internship.  There are many exciting internship programs to choose from; however, few truly allow your feedback to make such a meaningful impact on their respective internship.   The inputs I have made over the last year could very well lead to curriculum improvements for future interns.

 The BEM Internship Program has opened many educational doors through additional initiatives, including an opportunity to earn a NAVSUP CPI Black Belt and credit towards Program Management Professional certification.   My education as a professional Program Manager has only thrived here at NAVSUP BSC.  I can’t wait to bring my expertise to the Fleet in future tours.  I strongly encourage STEM-minded Supply Corps junior officers to consider the BEM internship here at NAVSUP BSC.  I look forward to meeting you in the Wardroom!

 By Lt. Richard Tisdale

Lt. Richard Tisdale obtained a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Jacksonville University.  He was commissioned via Navy OCS in Newport Rhode Island in 2008.  He previously served as Assistant Supply Officer aboard USS ROSS (DDG-71) and as the ERP Sustainment Officer at Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk.  He currently serves at NAVSUP BSC as a BEM Intern.