Supply Corps LDO and CWO Selection Board Results


    I am proud to announce the following Supply Corps Limited Duty Officer and Chief Warrant Officer Selectees:


Supply Corps LDO 651X

SH1(SW/AW) Laura Clarke

LSC(SW/AW) Adrian Copiaco

LSC(SW/AW) Naomi Green

LSC(SW/AW) Andre Mayounga

LSC(AW/SW) Cherry Santiago

LSC(SW/AW) Jonizel Sioson

LS1(AW/SW) Samuel Theodoris

LSC(SW) Cesar Vargas


Food Service Warrant 752X

CSCS(SW) Ronan Basat

CSC(SW/AW) Dorothy Hatfield

CSCS(SW) James Reid

CSC(SW/AW) Eugene Ruelos

CSC(SW) Carlos Solinap

CSCS(SW/AW) Jason Teasley


    Your selection is a true testament of your superb performance and dedication.  Congratulations to you all on a job well done!


                             M. F. HEINRICH

                             RADM, SC, USN