News from the Command Master Chief

CMDCM (SW/AW) Thaddeus T. Wright

CMDCM (SW/AW) Thaddeus T. Wright

Team Supply,

NAVSUP plays a major role in the Navy’s Title 10 requirement to man, train, and equip our fleet. This issue features an in depth look at how NAVSUP fights, detailing how we maximize the use of resources in order to generate and sustain readiness capable of addressing the increasing operational demands upon our fleet.

This issue also takes a look at NAVSUP’s contracting effort. Contracting is one of the important ways that we achieve the command mission, “to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and Joint warfighter” across the full range of military operations. Over the years NAVSUP has become the Navy’s dependable and trusted agent to understand and apply the customer’s requirements during the acquisition process, while complying with all laws and regulations during peace time, war, and humanitarian efforts.

NAVSUP performs 40 percent of the Navy’s overall contracting through our N7 team, along with NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support, NAVSUP Business Systems Center, eight NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Centers, and Navy Exchange Service Command, providing timely contractual support to customers across the globe.

Finally, please continue to keep safety and wellness in mind as we move into the summer weeks and PCS peak season. Make sure we continue to take care of one another, our families, and friends through our command resources and services like those that are offered by our command ombudsman. The command ombudsman is the official liaison between the command and its families, and just one of the many people who help us take care of our own.

Lead with character and competence!

Summer 2018