From the Chief

Rear Admiral, SC, USN

It is a humbling honor to serve as Commander, NAVSUP and 48th Chief of Supply Corps. I am eager to work with our team of dedicated professionals in the NAVSUP Enterprise, the Navy Supply Corps, and our supply community. Together, we will continue the hard work of those who have gone before to ensure our logistics community effectively serves the fleet and improves warfighter readiness and sustainment.

As we work to build the Navy the Nation needs, NAVSUP has a key role in supporting improved readiness, and enduring sustainment of our military might. Our focus remains on the fleet, from the Sailors at sea and all others in harm’s way, to ensuring we enable success in operations and effective combat engagements. We owe this to our warfighters. The changing character of the competition means we must be ready to fight tonight–that is our mandate–that is our imperative.

Priorities we will continue to emphasize are taking care of our people, improving fleet readiness, continuing NAVSUP’s reform efforts, and making progress on audit. We are increasing the speed of support and are rallying with other key players in Navy sustainment, collaborating end-toend to achieve the right outcome for our fleet. NAVSUP and the Supply Corps will bolster our integration role with the Navy’s key readiness and modernization drivers – the shipyards and fleet readiness centers – from material planning to order fulfillment, and everything in between, to better support force generation that is lethal, reliable and timely. We will do this responsibly, with an eye to both precise execution and accountability.

This issue of “The Navy Supply Corps Newsletter” features the first of four excerpts from the publication, “Maritime Logistics in a Changing Strategic Environment” written by our own, Rear Adm. Peter Stamatopoulos. It also contains articles highlighting the continued NAVSUP reform efforts, as well as happenings around the NAVSUP Enterprise.

Thank you for your kind welcome. I look forward to working with all of you as we improve the capability of our naval and Joint forces and devise solutions in the industrial mission set, accelerating the return of ships and aircraft to the fleet. Together we will always be ready to serve, ready to sustain the fight, and ready for sea.

Fall 2018