From the Chief

J.A. YUEN Rear Admiral, SC, USN

Rear Admiral, SC, USN

As my time serving as Commander, NAVSUP and Chief of Supply Corps comes to a close, I thank you for your tireless work to accomplish the mission. Over the past five years we have attained countless goals and strengthened our ability to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and Joint warfighter. We are now undergoing supply chain transformation, and developing the tailored solutions that will further improve fleet readiness and ensure mission success.

None of this would have been possible without your unwavering dedication to the Navy and our mission. Your steadfast efforts continue to strengthen the framework needed to build the Navy the nation needs. As a result of your hard work, our supply community continues to be at the forefront as leader of Navy supply support, driving readiness and accountability in support of lethality.

Looking back, I also reflect on the strides we have made to improve our culture. Through the efforts of many, NAVSUP and the Supply Corps continue to foster an environment of innovation, initiative, mutual trust and respect. These same efforts have instilled values of integrity, accountability, initiative, and toughness across the entire supply community. I am proud to have been part of such an exceptional team that works hard every day and understands the important role our team plays in supporting the warfighter.

This newsletter includes a feature article on how NAVSUP fights, describing how we meet our Title X responsibilities by effectively applying resources to provide supplies, services, and quality of life support. To that end, the newsletter also includes articles focused on the importance of government contracting. Contracting provides the framework necessary to accurately deliver, execute and support the delivery of high value products and services to our customers. Teamwork is key to achieving timely contract awards. Our contractors get involved early in the process to ensure they are able to develop a customized plan that is tailored to the individual requirement. They take pride in creating a more responsible and customer focused contracting system.

Finally, please join me in welcoming Rear Adm. Michelle C. Skubic as the new Commander, NAVSUP and 48th Chief of Supply Corps. She is more than ready to take on these responsibilities, and will no doubt ensure that we live up to our motto of being “Ready for Sea.” I ask that you give her the full support and understanding you gave me for the past five years. As I complete my tour, I know I am leaving our community poised for great success as we face the demands of an ever-changing environment. Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you will do in the future.

Summer  2018